Effortless Marketing with Pay Per Lead

Many Australian companies spend way too much on consumer leads. Some companies may not even calculate cost per lead. You may already use marketing channels such as Google Adwords (PPC) and optimise your website with search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques which is good practice. Appearing on page one of a Google search for a relevant keyword is very important, however, there are many other ways to generate leads besides Google Adwords. There are always new tactics and marketing opportunities available which change with time all the time.

In some cases, advertising offline in a magazine or other publication might generate even fewer leads at a higher CPL (cost per lead). Your CPL is your advertising spend divided by the number of leads generated. I.e. $600 (cost of ad) / 2 leads = $300 per lead. When you invest $’s in marketing you expect it will generate leads but this as you probably know is not always the case.

Avoiding the pain with Pay Per Lead!

In marketing  you don’t know if a marketing strategy will be successful until you try it.  To avoid taking on such a risk and to avoid the pain and disappointment you can adopt a pay per lead marketing strategy.

With Pay Per Lead you decide the criteria in which to qualify a lead, then place an order for leads, reducing any risk and guaranteeing marketing leads for your business.

With Pay Per Lead, leads are guaranteed. If you have a marketing budget, investing in a Pay Per Lead allows you to obtain leads without much effort and without having to throw money at a campaign that may or may not bring you leads. You can then focus on conversion into sales and building the client relationship.

Pay per lead marketing is low risk marketing

At Ballard Communications by adding new digital media marketing platforms into the marketing mix we now offer qualified business consumer leads from as low as $20 per lead!

Leads are generated using a multi-channel approach at a fixed cost per lead. No other costs – that’s it. You select the lead criteria and we select the appropriate channels.

Multiple Marketing Channels Used

Businesses need good quality leads at a low cost per lead. At Ballard Communications that’s what we are offering, without any strings. There’s no need for campaign management either as we take care of it. All you need to know is how many leads you want to order each month depending on your budget available.

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New leads in 3 easy steps;


Lead generation made easy and immediate with pay per lead marketing

When you invest in our CPL (cost per lead) services you can budget easily and boost business activity immediately. Qualified leads come in ‘real time’.

Many of our Gold Coast clients who come to us are already investing in Google Adwords (PPC marketing) and SEO services and this is good. Having a presence online and particularly in Google search engine is important if you want your website to be found through relevant keyword searches.

However, when I ask clients “What is their cost per lead?” not everyone can answer the question.

When investing in any marketing at Ballard Communications we believe it’s imperative to calculate;

  • CPL (cost per lead)
  • Quality of leads (percentage of quality)
  • Sales conversion (percentage of leads converted)
  • ROI (return on investment)

Google has changed

Google Adwords is a digital marketing platform to generate highly targeted leads. This is why it remains a suitable channel for many businesses today.

When we began using Google Adwords more than 6 years ago, keywords were a much better cost per click than they are today. As the Google Advertising platform became more popular, the cost per keyword became more competitive.  In turn many businesses are also now doing SEO. As a result appearing on page 1 of Google organically is harder than it used to be.

This upward trend in PPC costs have created an urgent need for targeted leads a lower cost per lead. At Ballard Communications we now offer Pay Per Lead marketing services and will find the leads you want at a fixed price.

Regardless of whether or not you are doing PPC or SEO, you will get your overall CPL down today by placing an order for qualified leads. For more information and for a free quote click here to contact us.