About Emma Ballard

Hi, I’m Emma Ballard – results driven Marketing Consultant and founder of Ballard Communications. Originally from London, I now live on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia with my two beautiful children.Emma Ballard Ballard Communications Pay Per Lead Marketing Gold Coast

I graduated with a degree in Business – Marketing in 1998 from the University of Westminster. Since then, I have worked across a variety of industries.

Emma Ballard Background

My career began with membership marketing at English Heritage, followed by marketing a chain of fifty UK Hotels. I then moved into B2B publishing, marketing Financial Services industry intelligence reports.

I have also worked ‘above the line’ at Air New Zealand marketing both domestic and outbound travel. Other Marketing Management roles held in Australia include importing, joinery and legal services.

Emma Ballard founder of Ballard Communications

Emma Ballard founded Ballard Communication in 2011. Offering a full range of marketing services Emma Ballard has recently found her niche as a Pay Per Lead Marketing Services provider.

Emma Ballard says;-

“I enjoy working across multiple channels and fine tuning campaigns for improved results. Marketing for most businesses is about generating good quality leads”

Emma Ballard also says;-

“With Pay Per Lead marketing the risk of marketing is practically eliminated. There is a great demand for such a service especially when a businesses lacks the marketing expertise to drive marketing leads. In fact, Pay Per Lead is an attractive option for any business of any size. Pay Per Lead allows people to grow their business and improve their bottom line significantly”.

Ballard Communications offer a multitude of marketing services under a Pay Per Lead arrangement.

Emma Ballard talks conversion

Once you start getting the traffic, it’s important to convert those browsers into leads. You need keyword relevant content, and calls to action that work. I consider a good web conversion rate to be at least 10%-20%, although this will vary depending on the industry and a number of other factors i.e. competition, relevancy and so fourth.

This year, at Ballard Communications we began offering Pay Per Lead Marketing Services. Our clients decide what qualifies a lead and we source them based upon agreed criteria.

As a Marketing Consultant, I have experience across the entire marketing mix and began to specialise online in 2008. We keep abreast of all the new pay per lead channels and online marketing opportunities available. We test new tactics and tools available, to ensure they are effective.

If you have any marketing questions contact Emma Ballard using the form below. We look forward to assisting your business through implementing successful Pay Per Lead marketing strategies.

Services provided by Ballard Communications include websites, Pay Per Lead Marketing, SEO services, Google PPC advertising for lead generation.

For more information about Pay Per Lead Marketing, online marketing or SEO websites call 0434 899 077 or complete the form below.