Are you afraid to leave your SEO Company?

So let me guess. You are with an SEO company and afraid to leave because they may not take the news too well. Perhaps they have threatened to ‘kill the kids’ in other words ‘the websites’. Isn’t it appalling?

This is one of the reasons I got into SEO in the first place because of these control freaks and I thank them for their encouragement to delve further into the industry. Unfortunately, quite a few of these SEO companies are crooks. They get you sign into a 12 month contract and take your cash every month and what do they actually do? How do you know you are getting value for money?

These are good questions and I will try my best to answer them. Firstly you have a right to know what they actually do in the form of reporting. Secondly, you should see a steady improvement in your website ranking. If SEO is done right expect results! Done brilliantly at the top of the search engines ‘organically’.

If these SEO companies are also managing your PPC campaigns you should see consistent levels of sales, clients and a good ROI.

In the olden days the saying used to be “Money is Power”. Then as time went on and the internet was born things changed. Sayings like “Knowledge is Power”, was quickly followed by “Technical Knowledge is Power” and it is so true in this day and age. The majority of people haven’t got a clue what SEO is or where to turn. Like anything if you are not happy – take your business elsewhere. Find a genuine SEO company who will work with your business by communicating and getting the best results.

Increase your own power by learning about what we do!

Unfortunately, where there is power you sometimes get the odd person who abuses it. Read through my pages on this website and educate yourself by learning more about SEO and how it fits into an overall internet marketing strategy.

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