brand branding ballard commsWhat does your branding say about your business? The way we present our business can speak volumes to our customers. For example, if we say “We are modern and innovative” but the branding says “We are stuck in the 1950s and not moving forward” do you think customers will trust your brand and believe what you say? – Most probably not. Branding is an important part of your marketing planning and strategy.

Your brand needs to be consistent and encompass everything you are and includes your logo and all marketing communications for your business.

Your brand is the appearance – the face, as well as the voice of your business. If you are in the business of ‘intelligence’ your branding has to scream intelligence!

There has been in-depth research on colours and responsiveness to branding. For example, some years ago I worked with a market research agency providing a report on the ‘seniors’ market. Apparently seniors responded well to the colour yellow but not to blue. So if your main target market are seniors and your business is branded blue, you may not be speaking their language.

Communicating effectively through branding is imperative to business success. Another example is “We build great websites” but if a web developer has a website that’s dull and uninviting – would you want them to build a website for you? – Again, most likely not.

Communicating your brand goes back to the first step in marketing planning: reviewing ‘where we are now’. Click here to read more about marketing planning and developing a marketing strategy.

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