Conversion Rate Optimization And Its Role

Conversion Rate Optimization, popularly coined as (CRO) is a procedure by which the visitors and prospective customers of a particular website are turned as real customers and effort is made, to uplift the percentage of customers, out of traffic, which the website receives per day. It is the customers, who as the buyer of the product and services determine the success of the business. So website owners are more attentive to optimize the rate of conversion of prospective client to a real client. The market is not always constant, and as the competitors’ increases the market fluctuates, therefore website owners are taking many steps to retain their customers and attract more by giving them good experience of website.

With the advent of internet and new technology in early nineties, the scenario of businesses changed worldwide and it played a decisive roll with the arrival of new millennium. There was the time when a seller has to wait for hours in his shop, waiting for the customers, in a small market, which made diminutive sales, but now, he sits online and makes money through the sale of his product or service, and his market is worldwide. Both Globalization and new technology were responsible for this gigantic change in the business setup and sales output. Now a product seller have his own ecommerce website, from where he sells his wide range of products, a freelancer makes money online, by making his personal website on which he shows his skill and attract client for getting order.

There are many ecommerce sites like Amazon or eBay which makes a massive sales, through there website, and there are some websites which don’t even make one sale at the end of the day, and the difference between generating sales is not the product, for instance A can have better product/service than B, but B drives more sales than A and the reason for this is the valued customers who visits the site.

 Websites owners pay much for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and advertisement, to enhance their sales and service, but what they get is return is the non responsive traffic which visits their sites, and only 2% out of the traffic converts into customer, so for increasing the sale on their website the owner pays much to SEO to double the amount of traffic, but one need to understand that customer is more important than traffic and the smarter way to increase the sale is by investing more in Conversion Rate Optimization rather than Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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