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If the answer is ‘Yes’, all you need to do is complete a BUSINESS HEALTH CHECK. A Business Health Check will identify strengths and specific opportunities for improvement within your business.

By completing a Business Health check online you will not only receive a review of your business, but the free gifts given may help you grow your business.

Free business gifts to you include:

Over $1000 worth of gifts to reward yourself, staff or clients.

Your business in good health

At Ballard Communications, we work together with our partners to offer much needed support in any area of your business. It is important to enjoy your business and take pride in watching it flourish and grow. In the digital age you can grow your business rapidly.

Complete the BUSINESS HEALTH CHECK today and take a positive step towards improving your business. It costs you nothing and you will certainly benefit – and that’s a promise.

Receiving your business gifts

Once you have completed the business health check and clicked SEND, you will be contacted by one of our business specialists, who will arrange your business gifts and explore how a member of our partnership team can help your business.

Every business could do with a little help every so often and this is just what is on offer.  By identifying your business needs we will then help you with the right solutions for your business.

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    Q4. Many businesses calculate a cost per lead of $50-$100. Would you be interested in qualified business leads at a fixed price per lead i.e. $20 per lead?*

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    Q8. Are your employment contracts, policies and work practices compliant with the changing legislation?*

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    a) $1,000 Account Activation from Reward and Growb) Full or half day Rapid Growth workshop ticket (RRP $2,500)c) A 60-Minute On Site Consultation with a Business Specialistd) Finance and Structure Review from AFA and $1,000 towards Financial Planninge) Website Proofread and Report from a qualified copywriter at The Well Spoken Lemon (RRP $250)

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