Free For All Sites Are A Total Waste Of Time To Distribute To

Amazingly enough, but you may still find free for all sites throughout the Internet In case any of you are oblivious I will clarify what a free for all site is. A free for all site is a place where anyone and everyone can publish a link for their website. In the past when these types of sites first came online everybody was using them to get free links as well as advertising. Now, making use of these forms of sites in order to build links can end up having your site banned from the search engines. This is something you have to avoid at all costs and we’ll show you why.

I can in fact see the allure to newbies on the web that want to post to these websites. The particular urge is there and I do understand. The way these work is whenever you post your link on one website it will also be posted on thousands of various other websites at the same time. The site you submit to is not alone, as generally these websites are in a larger network containing thousands of sites. But what most folks don’t realize is the fact that these types of websites are pointless. Also once you post to these types of sites the search engines may end up banning your site from their results.

The search engines are not stupid, and if they find these 1,000 links that had been built in a minute they know that something isn’t right. Search engines would like men and women to gain their inbound links naturally and that is certainly not what this is. And due to this Google as well as the other major search engines frown on obtaining links like that.

Now since your link is not just put up on one site but possibly thousands this leads to other troubles as well. Now each individual who owns one of these types of sites gets your email address once you post and whether you knew it or not you actually gave them permission to email you. So by just posting in one ffa network you could wind up getting a huge number of emails each day. So if you look at it, the only benefit is going to the people that started up an ffa site to begin with.

The fact that there are real quick, and also search engine friendly ways to construct links, it makes me wonder exactly how any of these websites have lasted. In the event you truly want to construct links and stay on the good side of search engines like Google you will really need to make sure your not using these types of sites.

Just another thing you need to be aware of is to also refrain from using link farms. Link farms can be just as bad for your web page as ffa websites. This is basically taking a group of Internet sites and having all the websites backlinking to all the other websites in the group as well as to your main website. Individuals used this approach of link building a little while back and their are still men and women doing it today. This is really very easy for Google to see and in addition they might end up banning every one of your sites. And so, just to sum up, ffa sites as well as link farms can be harmful and directory submitting and article advertising are wonderful. Another great way to make marketing work for you is through mobile marketing

. It is one of the fastest growing ways of marketing today.

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