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Pay Per Lead Marketing Services

More leads,  lower CPLs (cost per lead) and improved CRM – welcome to Ballard Communications.ballard communications pay per lead services

At Ballard Communications, we specialise in a full range of marketing services from a strategic level through to execution of any marketing task with a speciality in lead generation, list building and mobile responsive websites geared for the online marketing environment.

Your website may drive sales, generate leads, build lists, and be the core of your social media strategy. You can reach new target markets, build brand awareness and provide valued information to existing and potential customers.

Marketing should be driving your business forward every single day. At Ballard Communications we believe every aspect of your business should support the marketing plan. Your strategies are the key to growing your business and improving CRM (customer relationship management) through communications and interactivity.

Websites are a powerful platform for your brand and business growth and websites need to nurtured and maintained to ensure your business comes up in search results at the top of the search page for keywords that are relevant to your business.

A successful website is one that achieves high levels of traffic, has visitors who return frequently who spend a good length of time browing the site and then tell their friends about their experience.

At Ballard Communications, we specialise in developing marketing strategies based on business objectives and implement lead generation and sales conversion tactics that work. We have a strong focus on decreasing CPL (cost per lead) to make the best use of your budget and we help you build contact lists and assist with implementing processes to convert those leads into clients.

At Ballard Communications our consultants are Pay Per Lead specialists and design optimised websites built with conversion in mind as a lead generation tool and search engine optimised. our services include: websites, SEO, marketing plans and solutions, online marketing campaign management and analysis.

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