How to Make Money with Facebook – The Process

You may have heard about people making money online in new ways, but did you know that you can actually learn how to make money with Facebook? Facebook is extremely popular. Everyone is on Facebook if they have internet access, and some people without internet access still use Facebook on their mobile phones.

Some people use both a computer and a phone to access their Facebook so that they can have access to it day in and day out, wherever they may be. This makes Facebook one of the biggest and best marketing tools on the internet today.

How to Make Money with Facebook—The Process

• Think about how to make money with Facebook and come up with different ways to harness the power of this social phenomenon.
• Build your profile based on how you want to make money with Facebook, highlighting your experience and knowledge in the niche you will be focusing on.
• Send as many friend requests as you can. Check suggested friends, or people with whom you have mutual friends, every day and send them requests as well. Accept every friend request sent to you. You are aiming to have as many friends as possible.
• Post useful bits of information regarding your niche as your status every day, sometimes more than once per day. This will help establish you as an expert in your niche.
• Post as your status at least once per day the offer you are making, or the idea of how to make money with Facebook that you came up with in the beginning.
• Post ads in the Marketplace. It is free and you can place as many ads as you like.
• If you have an advertising budget, check out the social ads. The concept is complex but if you get the hang of it this is an amazing marketing tool.

How to Make Money with Facebook—Top Points to Remember

• Build on only one popular niche
• Become an expert in your niche
• Utilize all of the applications and services that Facebook has to offer

When you are learning how to make money with Facebook, you need to make sure that you learn about all of the necessary services, features and applications available that will help you build on your niche.

There are so many different applications that do different things, you should really check them out and make sure you are utilizing everything you can. Make sure that you are only focusing on one niche, and do everything you can to become an expert in your topic. Then, show off your knowledge by posting on your page and in applications.

How to Make Money with Facebook—Top 5 Blunders You Should Guard Yourself Against

• Spamming the newsfeed with messages and offers
• Spamming your friends inboxes with messages and offers
• Commenting on statuses of friends randomly with messages and offers
• Sending friend requests randomly
• Posting personal information or comments on your page

Spamming your newsfeed with messages and offers will only serve to upset the people on your friends list, and could lose you readers. Spamming inboxes and commenting on statuses randomly with messages and offers relating to your niche can not only lose you friends, but it can actually get you banned from Facebook.

You should also avoid sending friend requests randomly, because people will only say no and you can get banned if you spam them with messages or offers in your friend request message. You should also avoid posting personal information or comments on your page if you are using them to try to see how to make money with Facebook.

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