How To Market a Website

Marketing a website can either be time and cost intensive, or it can be made viral, fast and cost effective.

…The choice is all yours, and depends totally on how you approach it.

There are ways to use automation (software) to speed up your marketing efforts.

One of these is the email autoresponder, and another is the WordPress (WP) software that runs most online blog web sites.

In fact, a WP blog is one of the very best ways to market your web site, provided you know the ins and outs of how to use it to both save time and expense.

Getting your site seen is the essential first step of good marketing, while making it user friendly, encouraging repeat visits, and longer stays per visit, are all good secondary marketing strategies to pursue.

Finally, your website should have a primary purpose, and that should be to get sign-ups to your email autoresponder sequence.

While this is less valuable than a buyer’s list, a regular subscriber list that offers real value upfront is a major key component in all your other marketing efforts.

Without it, your marketing lacks the foundation to support a viable online business presence, which leads to profitable marketing efforts.

And profits, or at least being an effective presence in the marketplace of ideas, is or should be one of your chief aims as an online marketer.

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