Is your website mobile responsive?

What does your website look like on a mobile phone? mobile responsive website designIs it user friendly and can users navigate around your site and view website content easily?

Many websites are still unattractive and present an unpleasant experience when accessed through a mobile phone.  If users struggle to find what they need or have a bad experience they may back out of your website all together. This is a wasted opportunity. When a browser comes to your website you want them to go straight to the contact us page or use the click to call feature. Conversion is what we want!

Getting a website ‘mobile friendly’ in 2013 is incredibly important. As the upward trend for using the internet on a mobile phone continues we need to meet the needs of clients and potential clients for a comfortable and satisfying browsing experience.

What is a mobile responsive website?

At Ballard communications we build optimised Mobile and Tablet responsive websites. The term ‘responsive’ means the website will respond and re-size to fit the device being used. If a website is searched for on a tablet or a mobile phone it will fit snugly on the page to optimise (SEO) user engagement.

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A mobile responsive website is an alternative to building a separate website for mobile phones and tablets. This enables you to keep the website consistent and with the same links. If you update your website it will automatically update across all devices making the process easy!

How much of your web traffic comes from searches on a mobile phone?

Mobile traffic is on the increase and some say may even overtake desktop Internet access in the next two years. In the past two years it has increased significantly  up to 33% for many of our clients.

A large number of websites are still not mobile responsive. This makes it harder for the user to view your website on their phone as they have to zoom in to view the content.

The rise in consumer and company adoption of mobile has a great impact on mobile marketing. Leap into the digital new age today and get your mobile responsive. It’s more affordable than you think. You can even re-fresh your website at the same time.

Mobile websites have a better conversion rate and it is a worthwhile investment. You will have to jump on the bandwagon at some point. Why not be one step ahead of the competition and get your website mobile responsive today.

At Ballard Communications we offer a range of marketing services including lead generation website design, mobile and tablet responsive website design, pay per lead generation campaigns such as eDM, PPC, SEO and digital media advertising.

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