Learn Some Important Information About Monavie

Monavie are well known for their fast initial growth and also their high paying compensation plan.

There are many Monavie review out there on the internet, most are from people already involved with the company who would dearly love you to sign up with them. As I personally am not involved with the company you can rest assured of a neutral review that won’t be pitching you to join the company.

They market beverages based around the acai berry, while the product itself and the benefits it provides has not been confirmed by the relevant authorities, the people who use the products are very happy customers and there has been some great testimonials of the benefits that the products provide.

I am always amazed how many people have actually left their existing company to join Monavie. I’ve heard of many people who have made some outstanding progress in a short space of time, there normally has to be something pretty special about the product for this to happen.

It really is amazing and rare, the amount of associates who make very large annual incomes. There are 27 distributors at Black Diamond rank and 7 at Royal Black Diamond Executive and they receive over 1.4 million dollars each year from network income. These are some astounding figures, usually there are maybe 3-6 top earners in any network marketing organisation. It’s also true to say though that the majority of distributors are earning less than $35 per week.

At the end of this article I will be offering you some training that will help you avoid being in this bottom earnings bracket.

Monavie was created in January 2005 and for a network marketing company they have grown very rapidly, which is unusual. This was because Amway’s top distributor Brig Hart saw a good opportunity with Monavie and decided to join and bring his entire downline with him. Brig had a downline of thousands of distributors. Monavie expanded in their first year to be one of the largest companies around. There has been much animosity between Amway and Monavie about this issue, as you would expect. If a better company becomes available, then distributors are free to do as they wish in my opinion. I probably would have done the same, although I have no grudge against Amway.

Monavie pay out 50% volume out into the network, this is one of the highest in the business. This is a binary pay plan and it can be complicated to understand so make sure you research it. To avoid all your hard earned commissions going up the line, you need to make sure both your legs are volume balanced.

You can have great success with Monavie if you market it effectively.

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