Marketing Planning & Strategy

Marketing planning and strategy can include an online marketing strategy, marketing planning and strategy ballard communicationswebsite optimisation strategy (SEO) and social media strategy.

When developing a marketing plan and strategy it is recommended you conduct a situation analysis of your business. This will identify your core business strengths, unique  selling points (USPs) and opportunities for growth and improvement.

The first step is to carry out an internal audit of your business to review where you are right now. This includes reviewing what tactics and campaigns have worked well in the past and what hasn’t.

Following a full review of your business internally, you can then review the external environment, for example your competitors and economical threats (e.g. GFC, political changes and the introduction of carbon tax).

Here is a brief outline of how the marketing planning and strategy process begins:

Where are we now? – who are we, what do we do? Our core strengths are our key selling points. We should also review our weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Where do we want to be? – objectives – be clear about what you want to achieve.  For example don’t just say you want to increase sales; rather, be specific with your objectives. Here are a few examples:

  • We want to increase sales by 50% in the next 12 months
  • We want to increase leads from 30 to 60 per month using lead generation tactics and online marketing
  • We want to improve the ranking of our website from a PR3 to a PR5 through SEO
  • We want to launch a new SEO website to target a new segment in the next 12 months
  • We want to build a prospect list of over 2,000 in the next 12 months
  • We want to increase marketing ROI from 4 to 7 in the next 12 months

How are we going to get there?

Strategies – make sure you are investing the right amount of resources (if you want to increase sales by 50% you may have to increase your marketing budget and efforts by 50%). Make sure you can monitor and measure results so you can measure the success of your adopted strategy. Tools may include measuring web traffic, number of leads, CPLs (cost per lead) Sales conversion percentages, marketing ROI and profit.

Marketing planning and strategy sets the foundation for your business success. Proper processes to convert lead into clients need to be in place to ensure the best possible return on investment (ROIs) for your spend. Measurement, analysis and ongoing review of your strategies are essential as you fine-tune them to obtain the best results.

If you require help with marketing planning and strategy you can hire a marketing consultant for a week to help you. Ballard Communications can help you with this, spending the week with you and helping you turn your business around.

Hiring a consultant is a good option if you lack the professional marketing expertise in-house. As well as implementing your marketing plan, staff training is provided to enable you to manage all aspects of marketing safely in-house.

To find out more about hiring a consultant for a week or to request a consultation with a marketing consultant,  complete the form below.