Marketing Strategy and Google+

Google+ is here, and although it is only available through invitation, soon Google+ will be available for anyone with a Google account and profile.  Now the beggin question it, how do we use Google+ for marketing?

What is Google+ ?

Google+ is yet another attempt by the search engine giant to enter the world of social media. While not specifically stated by the company itself, Google+ seems to be the search engine’s answer to Facebook. With the addition of new features such as the “+1″ button, social circles (like Facebook’s groups), the stream where users can post and share their photos, videos, links, or their location with their friends and circles.  Like Facebook, Google will now be able to track your search engine usage, dempgraphic profile, what, where, and how your visit sites.  We will now be able to target Google+ users based on likes, and interests.

Circles vs. Groups

Google+ introduces the idea of “circles,” an idea similar to Facebook’s groups, but with a less cumbersome interface. With Google+ circles, you will be able to have distinct ‘circles’ which may be labeled something like: Friends, Coworkers, Clients, Fantasy Football League, etc.

With ‘Circles’ the information you send to your news feed is directly affected by the circles you let see your update, so now you don’t have to worry about the status update you just made falling under your coworkers or professors eyes (unless you shared with the circle they are a part of).
There is a considerable amount of buzz surrounding Google+, but only time will tell if this will be a Facebook killer or just another social media facet.  Read More about Online Marketing Tools

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