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When developing an online marketing strategy, there are a wide range of options online marketing ballard communications gold coastand tactics available. Every day, new opportunities and new tools and techniques come into play. You may think it’s a good idea to shift more of your marketing budget online and think ‘Right, let’s do some campaigns’. Whilst it is a good idea to move marketing spend online, key preparations are necessary. In fact outsourcing is recommended in this fast paced marketing environment. SEO / SEM, PPC and Pay Per Lead Marketing services can be found under one roof here at Ballard Communications.

Before you develop online marketing strategies and invest resources online the first step is to conduct an audit of your website. Is it generating the results you want i.e. high levels of traffic, online sales or new leads? If you are getting visitors to your site, are they engaged and do they convert?

Have you carried out ‘on page optimisation’? An optimised website has a good page ranking, relevant content and keywords with an SEO site score of over 86%. If you have a good score, it means your website is ready for ‘offsite seo’ and you are ready to develop successful online marketing strategies.

Websites that have a low SEO site score, lack content or relevancy may not be recognised by search engines and disregarded. If you invest in paid advertising such as Google PPC (pay per click) or Facebook ads you may end up paying a higher price for advertising or your ads may not be shown at all due to a low quality score. Optimised websites have a good chance to be found ‘organically’ which means you don’t have to pay directly to be found.

For a website to perform you must optimise it. There are several way to do this and here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Adding new content to your website regularly – Google loves fresh content text and images with relevant keywords
  • Driving traffic to your website through social media marketing
  • Posting articles on your website and elsewhere i.e. news or article websites and social media websites
  • Adding 3rd party links to your website, i.e. back links
  • Adding 3rd party links from referring sites i.e. online local directories such as hotfrog and keeping them up to date with articles, special offers and customer reviews
  • Ensuring the right keywords are in the content and meta content of your website
  • Paid advertising such as: Google Adwords, banner advertising or tile advertising

When it comes to online marketing, remember you are in a search environment and therefore relevance is key. If you are adding new content you need to make sure you are using the right keywords that people may use to find your business.

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