Perfect Website

The perfect website is one that you do nothing to drive traffic, nothing to optimise it, and nothing to promote it. Investing in human and financial resources for Online marketng and SEO may not be required if it successfully self-managed.

What a perfect business world this would be – is there such a site? Of course, there are plenty out there with Facebook as a prime example.

A website that goes viral and is maintained and kept fresh and current with new content and links posed by the visitor is perfect.

The perfect website;perfect website ballard communications

  • Comes up in search results at the top for relevant keywords
  • Has high volumes of traffic
  • Have visitors who return frequently
  • Have visitors who spend a good length of time each time they visit
  • Have visitors who tell their friends (go viral)
  • Have visitors who create content via comments etc.
  • Is the core of a social media strategy integrating Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and blogs.

All businesses need a website that showcases a brand and serves the purpose intended.

Website objectives may include;

  • To increase your client base
  • To reach new target markets
  • To generate new leads and increase sales
  • To generate online sales via shopping carts and buy now buttons
  • To build awareness of your brand, products or services
  • To generate an income from the content of your website
  • To provide information to existing clients i.e. product support, after sales service
  • To educate existing and potential clients
  • To improve communications (internally and exernally)
  • To be the core of a social media strategy

perfect website for SEOSo how can you build the perfect website? At Ballard Communications we use and recommend WordPress as a web development platform. It is both easy to use and manage as a CMS (content management system). With WordPress there are a broad range of easy to install plugins available. Plugins available include SEO, contact forms, social media, bookmarking, Google +1, to name a few. With WordPress you have the flexibility to build an optimised site and you can continue to optimise it easily and effectively with the right tools.

Who says you can only have one website? Quite often, you can target and engage segments more directly and successfully with separate SEO websites.

At Ballard Communications we can help you develop an online marketing strategy to achieve your business objectives.