Profiting Online: How to Make Money on Twitter

With approximately a billion of tweets per week, Twitter has been more than becoming popular these days. 140 character-limit messages sent from an account to reach a maximum of 175 million registered users worldwide. Plus hundreds of thousands of accounts are created daily.

 All of it signifying how many people can get in touch with you if you signed up for Twitter. There are many that take the advantage and find ways to make money on twitter.

The Best Methods in Use to Make Money on Twitter

Just as how many online users there are per second is the number of possibilities to make money on twitter. While many of these can be as difficult as making your own ground-based business, some can be as easy as you everyday nonsense tweet. Here are some of the best methods of hoarding money through twitter:

  • Advertise. This by far is the best way to make money on twitter. Turn on the basics and just pop up a link to your site or a photo of your product. And in just seconds, you will be able to increase the traffic to your site a hundred fold and getting more and more interested followers by the minute. These interested followers have the potential to become your next product buyer!
  • Get them what they want. Search through twitter about products for example wine. There could be a lot of Twitter users out there wanting some wine as seen through their tweets. Why not offer them what your store currently has? They advertise while you simply supply!
  • Create for Twitter. Many software companies have the capacity of making programs that help you get your twitter world straight. These programs can then be sold to the millions of daily users of Twitter.
  • Be the endorser. While many advertise their own products, many would want others to do the work for them. Get acquainted with these individuals and find sites that want you to do so and get paid by the click! Yes, they can monitor how many clicks you get from advertising their products and you get paid for it. Also, you may even get incentives if these products are actually sold.
  • Create, be big and sell big. Although controversial, you can actually create an account, get at least 50,000 followers and sell it! The more your followers are, the more profit you can get from selling the account. This is basically because many product endorsers would want readymade accounts with many followers to advertise their accounts readily.
  • Sell followers. Another controversial but truly profitable business venture today is selling followers. Whether it is by manually adding followers to the account after the password is given or using outside software, many big brands really buy followers to ensure a larger scope of advertising.

Prevalence of Ways to Make Money on Twitter

No matter how you see it, Twitter has become more and more as a free advertising site. New music, movies and other not so commonly endorsed products are flooding it every now and then. A huge percentage of tweets may be just random thoughts, but for those who know how to get the attention of others, these tweets are powerful enough to overpower the rest and jumpstart your newly released product.

Also, try typing on search engines “buy twitter followers” or “endorse products on twitter” and you are sure to get at least the first 3 pages to be exactly what you need – the sites that would pay you or would want to be paid for the service on Twitter. The question is no longer how to make money on Twitter but when you can get money because of Twitter.

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