The purpose of optimising your website is to rank well and appear in search results, SEO gold coast marketing services ballard communicationspreferably on the first page in Google and as high up on the page as possible appearing ‘organically’.

Websites that appear organically are optimised websites (SEO websites). Google selects sites to appear organically in order of importance and the closest match to the keyword being searched.

Importance is rated by a technical score (or SEO score) together with a popularity score to give an overall site score or page rank. Google page rank is a score out of 10. Websites that are not optimised are likely to have a score of 0, 1 or 2. Websites with a page rank of 5 or more are considered to have a high page rank.

Factors for an SEO website include keyword relevancy and density, age of the website, quantity and quality of inbound links, anchor text (links between pages) and social media integration.

You can appear at the top of the search results ‘non organically’ by using Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC). Google PPC is paid advertising and displays as a ‘sponsored listing’.

Google PPC is an online marketing tactic that can get you at the top of page one straight away. Recommendation will depend on your budget and value per client, and so measuring and monitoring results is extremely important. However, some keywords are competitive and the CPC (cost per click) may be high and your CPL (cost per lead) may also be high. This is why SEO is so important as it can generate traffic based on relevance and authority and not by bidding. SEO and PPC are very powerful together and you may be able to reduce your CPL by investing in SEO.

With SEO you are optimising particular keywords that are relevant to your business and it is very important to invest time and resources in SEO otherwise your website may have less authority over those of your competitors. To find out more about SEO and how it can bring new leads into your business  use the contact form below.

You cannot put up a website and expect it to perform and bring in new business unless you optimise it. There are a number of different SEO tactics but the ones that have the most impact in an organic sense is link building and adding keyword rich fresh content to your website. Link building is adding relevant 3rd party links or referring links from websites that have a good page ranking in Google.

Ballard Communications can tailor an SEO package to suit your needs. If it’s just Google PPC management or basic maintenance of your website you want, we can create any package to suit your requirements and matching it to your budget.

Ballard Communications have put a few packages together as an example of what services we offer to promote and optimise your website and make sure your website performs by generating leads and getting your business on the first page in Google for keyword searches relevant to your business.

We are confident you will be satisfied with the services we provide and that is why there are no ongoing contracts to lock you in (as many other providers do) and you can upgrade your SEO package or cancel it at any time, to take effect the following month.

Quite often you will see results straight away, but do bear in mind that SEO can take 3-6 months to have a real impact.

SEO is a good investment for your website and as experts in lead generation tactics we aim to get the best possible results. We will structure the time dedicated to your website to ensure that more time is spent on what works for your business. Different tasks get different results and it is results we want, so your package will be tweaked as the optimisation of your website evolves. Click here to view SEO packages offered by Ballard Communications.