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Since the birth of Facebook in 2004 and the increasing trend in social media websites, social-media-channel-logossocial media has become an important marketing tool.  As a relatively new lead generation platform, this channel of marketing may help you achieve your business objectives. Today it is imperative to have a digital marketing strategy including social media so you can reach and connect with your audience.

Many businesses use social media as a marketing tool to communicate and interact with clients and potential clients and to be involved in the community, stimulate discussion, generate brand awareness, and communicate messages that are key to the core strengths of your business. You can also generate leads, build databases and use insights to measure results and get to know your audience better.

With social media you can actually target people who are potential customers on social media websites and get people to be friends with you, follow you and ‘like’ you etc. The results may be;

  • Generating new traffic to your website
  • Generating new enquiries into your business
  • Extra optimisation of your website and improved page rankings
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Get to know your target market better

The 5 top social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. There are many others where you can interact and connect with your audience and promote your brand.

You can integrate social media into your website to encourage people to connect with you socially, keep in touch and have valid ‘conversations’ and meaningful relationships (or friendships) with, fast becoming the brand of choice.

Social media is a tool for engaging people by stimulating discussion. If you start a stopic of conversation you can drive traffic to your site and comment on the article which will help optimise your site. Also you can use the ‘like’ button to build your popularity ranking in Google.

When using social media it is suggested that you never take a hard sales approach. The purpose of social media is not to sell but to interact and get to know your subjects subtly and socially. In this way you can build a trusted brand. You as a brand take an interest in them, not harp on about how good you are and buy now etc. This will only put people off.

On Facebook there is also an opportunity for pay per click advertising similar to Google Adwords. The main difference is instead of targeting using keyword search terms, it is based on demographics. Using Facebook PPC you can target a typical profile of your customer. You can select using a variety of demographics including gender, age etc and geographically, targeting a specific area or region such as the Gold Coast. You place an ad and you only pay if someone clicks on it. This is known as highly targeted walk-by traffic to your website.

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