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The online environment provides vast opportunities for any business or service as people the importance of Seo ballard communicationsare using search engines much more to find what they need. Gone are the days when people get out the yellow pages to find a business or service. The reason being, is that it is extremely quick and easy to go to Google and type exactly what they want (e.g. ‘websites gold coast’).

So let’s assume you are a marketing business based on the Gold Coast and someone types into Google ‘marketing gold coast’. Does your website show in the search results? Is your website close to the top of the page? Do people click on the link to your website? If not, then your business may be missing out on these online SEO opportunities and inevitably market share.

Now is the time to market your business well online, whatever it is you do. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to gain a spot on Google search page 1.

The starting point is your website (if you have one). The questions we need to ask are:

  • What is the primary purpose of your website? i.e. to provide information, to generate leads, to build your database or to be the face and voice of your brand?
  • Does your website perform – does it serve the purpose intended?
  • Do you get much traffic to your website?
  • What does your website look like on a mobile phone or tablet – is it easy to read or do browsers have to scroll?
  • Does your website generate new enquiries (new leads) for you?
  • Do you track and monitor web traffic with Google Analytics?
  • Do you update your website regularly with fresh content?
  • How do you market your website – do you use Google PPC?
  • How many inbound links (3rd party links) are there to your website?
  • Do you pay for the maintenance or SEO of your website?

If you don’t have a website we can create and set up a website for you, that is geared for SEO (search engine optimisation) so your website is found by the right people looking for your product or service. If you do have a website and it’s not performing you may consider a brand refresh to improve results.

At Ballard Communications, we create websites from a marketing perspective and not from a web developer’s point of view. By this we mean to make sure it performs well in Google. To request a free quotation or to chat with a marketing consultant complete the form below.

Many businesses requiring a website go to a web developer or web designer. This is fine if you have an in-house Marketing Manager to drive the project or are marketing savvy yourself. However, most small businesses do not have a marketing expertise in-house and contacting a marketing specialist is highly recommended who makes an effort to understand your business, your target market and research the online marketing opportunities for your business. At Ballard Communications we offer that particular expertise and the best thing is it’s affordable.

Whilst many web developers have knowledge of marketing they are not marketing specialists. Web design companies spend much of their time keeping up-to-date with new technologies and it is right for them to do so. As technology changes they need to stay one step ahead moving with the times.  Their focus is most likely not on marketing and lead generation.

Your website needs to be built for the search environment, not just look great and showcase your brand, although this is important. Websites are also about lead generation and conversion – driving new enquiries into your business (marketing) and converting them into a client (sales).
A marketing approach to a website should be geared towards your target market. You need to know;

  • What keywords your target might type into Google or any other search engine?
  • How can your target market may find or stumble upon your business?
  • Are you speaking in the right language for your target market? If you are 60 and speaking to customers who are 20 – are you keeping their interest and can they relate to you?

Our services include websites, SEO, marketing plans, marketing solutions, marketing online, small business marketing.
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