What Is The Difference Between Safelists And Having My Own List And Which Should I Use

A lot of people simply don’t seem to see how vital it is to have an email list. Having an email list to send your offers to everyday or even every couple of days can make or break your online business. But the question is, should you have your own email list or can you utilize safelists.

Here we are going to cover this question and hopefully give you a better idea on how you should operate your email marketing.

Safelists are the first thing we will discuss. Safelists are email lists that comprise of generally Internet marketers. The way it works is you can usually join for free or for a fee. When you join, you agree to receive emails from other people in the safelist. Almost all safelists will feature a link in the email that you have to click for you to get credits. These credits can then be used to send your offers to other epople in the list.

The big problem with safelists is that no one is there to pay for anything. Don’t get me wrong, it is feasible to generate money with these programs but it will be occasional, not enough to make all your time clicking links worth it.

However,, it is possible to utilize safelists that is worth your time. Safelists are a great way to start developing your own email list. You merely offer something of value gratis in exchange for people’s email addresses. In a short time you will have an email list of your own you can email every time you want without having to click safelist links to earn credits.

When it comes to building your own mailing list, if you wish to succeed in the long run as an Internet marketer, this is something you should do. To explain how essential it is to maintain your own email list, on average for each one person you get to sign up to your email list you will make more or less one dollar a month from. So let’s suppose over the next 12 months you work hard at building your email list and you get 3,000 people to sign up, your mailing list is now worth $3,000 per month.

Don’t misunderstand me, you are not charging these people $1 a month for being on your list. The way it is works out is, when you have people on your mailing list they are more apt to buy from you as long as you provide quality, and you should be able to sell 1 product per month to every 1 person out of 50 who are on your list. To explain this much better, 1 person out of every 50 purchases a product worth $50 to you each month, that equals an average of $1 per person.

Another thing about growing your own mailing list instead of using a safelist is you can send out your offers anytime you want. You can also develop your email list however big you would like it to be, where safelists just let you email so many people every 3 to 7 days. Also, you are not limited on how you develop your list, feel free to use any strategy you want. You don’t need to just utilize safelists. One strategy which is very popular is just by placing a form on your web site or blog so people can sign up for your free newsletter. List building is only limited by your imagination, you can grow it anytime. In essence, the sky is the limit when it comes to growing your mailing list.

Thus, safelist or your own mailing list, which one should you devote your attention to? You should be using safelists but only to the point where it is helping you build your own email list.  For those who want to blast out of the starting gate, I recommend Blast4Traffic.com Marketing Services</a>. Products & Services for Internet Marketers. Your ad will be seen and no just sent to other members of the email list! For more great Internet Money Making Ideas visit my site at InternetMoney-MakingIdeas.com.

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