Window Cleaning Marketing Strategy

One good key to window cleaning marketing strategy is to do Google Ad Words. I don’t know if you have a budget for this and depending on where you live will determine how much clicks will cost. However if you can spend even $30 a month on Google Ad Words it will be to your advantage for your window cleaning website. With Google Ad Words you can determine your daily limit on how much you are willing to spend for your window cleaning site. And it can give you the advantage over your competitor, it can kick start your website placement on Google and depending on how much you are bidding for keywords can even place you at the top, although I don’t recommend aiming for the top as it will eat up your money faster, your goal is to get on the first page with your advertisement, preferably half way up the page.

When I first learned about Google Ad Words I tried it for one of my San Diego Window Cleaning businesses and saw results overnight. My business went from struggling online to making good money in days. It made all the difference for my online business and helped a lot with my Escondido window cleaning website when I first got serious about my web presence for SqueakyClean. It most certainly played a role in helping my window cleaning website get to the top of Google for where I live and it can do the same for you.

Even if you don’t get jobs from people clicking your ads, it helps push your site up to the top of Google on the organic search and so eventually you are going to get better sales either from your organic listing for your window cleaning site or from your Google ad.

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